Mango and Cashew

Apply paclobutrazol (cultar/coltar) for regular flowering, fully developed mango trees of 10 years old
and above. Measure average diameter of canopy of the tree and apply cultar @ 3 ml per meter
diameter (e.g. If east-west diameter of the plant is 5 m and North – South diameter is 7 ml then average
will be 6 m. So far 6 x 3 = 18 ml. will be the quantity of cultar. This quantity of paclobutrozol be
mixed in 3 to 5 lits. of water and applied in 25 to 30 holes, 10 to 12 cm deep around the tree basin with
help of kudali or crowbar just inside the manuring ring at uniform distance. Then uniform quantity of
solution be drenched into holes, followed by closing or plugging of holes with soil. Before application
weeds be removed. Paclobutrazol application be avoided during heavy rainy days.